It's That Easy! Initiative

It’s That Easy! A Guide to Raising Sexually Healthy Children

When the Question is Tough, the Answer is...Apparent

Honest, accurate information about sex—particularly from parents—is the first step toward raising healthy children who make responsible decisions about sex. Although most parents want to provide their children with the knowledge and skills they need, many feel unprepared and uncomfortable when it comes to topics related to sexuality.

Parent educators are in a unique position to support parents in their ever-changing role as sexuality educators of their infants, young children, pre-teens and teens.  While the questions and concerns change with age, the goal remains the same: to raise well-informed young people who make healthy decisions throughout their lives. It’s That Easy! A Guide to Raising Sexually Healthy Children is designed to help parent educators incorporate issues of sex and sexuality into their work with families. 

It’s That Easy! equips parent educators with practical tools and techniques for use with groups and individuals.  It provides guidance on a variety of important parent/child conversations—from how to respond to straightforward questions about body parts, to how to broach more complex issues such as media influences and personal values.  In short, It’s That Easy! tackles tough questions and empowers parents to connect with their kids, share their family’s values and engage in meaningful conversations about sex.

It’s That Easy! Components

  • Parent Educator Training:  A 2-day training on theories, research and best practices that promote healthy sexual development, including a variety of tools, techniques and interactive activities to use with parents.  Topics include:
    • The role of parents as sexuality educators
    • Individual and cultural values, morals and beliefs
    • The power of relationships: parent-child attachment and connectedness
    • Child and adolescent growth and development
    • The influence of media and popular culture
  • Resource Manual:  A comprehensive source of sample activities, lesson plans and other valuable resources to help educators work with parents in their own communities.
  • Parent Educator Network (coming soon): An interactive website to connect trained parent educators to facilitate networking and sharing of information, resources and program ideas.

It’s That Easy! Results

It’s That Easy! trainings have been offered throughout Minnesota, reaching hundreds of professionals who work with parents. Response to the training has been very positive; participants say they’ve gained valuable knowledge and resources and they feel more confident in their ability to support parents in their role as sexuality educators.

“I walked away from this training with experience and usable materials.”
ITE Training Participant


“It’s That Easy! provides practical examples on how to answer questions in a developmentally appropriate way.”
ITE Training Participant

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It’s That Easy! was developed by Teenwise Minnesota in collaboration with the following organizations: Health Start/West Side Community Health Services; Healthy Youth Development–Prevention Research Center-U of MN; Minnesota International Health Volunteers; Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota; Saint Paul-Ramsey County Department of Public Health; Sexual Violence Prevention Program-MN Department of Health; Teen Age Medical Service; and West Suburban Teen Clinic. Current funding to support It’s That Easy! is generously provided by The Otto Bremer Foundation and The Minnesota Department of Education.